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This dog had severe inflammation and was constantly chewing on his feet. With the proper Chinese herbal medication, his discomfort was relieved and the hair began to come back. Chinese herbals can be used to aid with many other problems as well, from thunderstorm anxiety to respiratory complications.
Interesting Cases:
Elk Park Animal Hospital serves all kinds of pets and production animals. We have practiced on everything from snakes to pet pigs to yaks and more. Below are some of our more unusual patients. Do you have a non traditional pet? Call us today!
​Reduction of a hard palate carcinoma with a CO2 Laser.
Life at a veterinary clinic is never dull and the following cases showcase some of the amazing things we do everyday and the expanse of techniques and procedures we can use to keep your pet feeling it's best.
Having access to light scalpel laser surgery allows us to perform many procedures and surgeries with minimal bleeding, irritation, and discomfort in recovery for your pet. From basic incisions to wart removals to this hard palate carcinoma removal, our clinic is equipped to handle many surgical situations.  
Skin and Tissue irritations solved through TCVM Herbals
All Creatures Great and Small
This pet micro pig is being prepped for her OVH, or Ovariohysterectomy. Elk Park Animal Hospital offers OVH and castration services for a number of species. 
Removal of Resistant Wart by Topical Herbal Medication
This dog's foot had a deep seated wart within the pad that continued to grow back after three attempts to remove it surgically at another clinic. Using Neoplasene, a blood-root derivative applied topically, the wart shed off and new healthy tissue grew in.
 This Alpaca is in surgery on suspicion of uroliths. His surgery was done in the hospital and he recovered with us overnight in our surgical recovery kennels.