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Laser Surgery
Elk Park Animal Hospital is proud that most surgical procedures offered by the hospital are performed using a carbon dioxide surgical laser. The laser cuts cleanly through soft tissues effectively sealing capillaries, lymphatics and nerve endings and as such reduces post-operative pain, swelling and bleeding dramatically when compared to incisions created using scalpel or scissor. Essentially all soft tissue surgery is performed here using the laser, including neuters and spays for cats and dogs, tumor removal and shortening of extremely long toe nails.
Elk Park Animal Hospital Services
Complementary Modalities
Elk Park Animal Hospital provides many complementary therapeutic modalities including acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Our herbal medication supplier is of superior stature, adhering to stringent quality control measures to provide a trustworthy product. Our doctors are certified in Veterinary Acupuncture as well as in Chinese Herbal Medicine and Dr. Thompson is one of less than 20 Fellows of the American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture in North America and has been invited to lecture in China twice so far in his career. Dr. Thompson teaches and lectures at the Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine in Florida multiple times each year.​
Digital Radiography
This new technology in veterinary X-Ray allows us to see much more detail.  This also enables us to more easily send images or record them on a disc at the request of clients.
In-House Diagnostic Blood Work
We have the ability to perform a CBC (complete blood count) and general health profile in our clinic.  This allows us to more accurately diagnose and treat many problems before they become emergencies.  
Farm Calls
Elk Park Animal Hospital practices veterinary medicine for all types of animals, from dogs and cats to exotics to horses to production animals. Our doctors are able to come to your farm or home to perform a large number of procedures. This option lets us help you treat even those animals that have a hard time getting to the clinic.
Small Animal Boarding
Our Pet Hotel facility can house your cherished cats, dogs, and exotics while you are away. With a veterinarian on 24 hour call, and kennel technicians working every day including Sundays and Holidays, your pet will be watched after with the highest level of care. Please call ahead to make reservations, or stop by for a tour of the facility.
Dental Procedures
We offer dental services such as routine cleanings for cats and dogs, tooth extractions, equine dental floats, digital dental radiographs, rodent and rabbit tooth trimmings, Porcine tusk trimming, Camelid tooth cutting and more. Call for details.
Vaccination Services
Elk Park Animal Hospital offers a wide variety of vaccination services for all your pet's needs. from Spring Equine vaccines, to annual dog and cat vaccines we can do it all. We also now offer a rattlesnake vaccination, to help your dog survive a possibly fatal bite.
Private Euthanasia Services
No time is harder in a pet owner's life than when it is time to say goodbye. We strive to help you through this difficult decision, offering private and respectful Euthanasia services to help your pet pass with dignity. whether at the clinic or done as a house call, Elk Park Animal Hospital will be there for you to assist with everything from saying goodbye to cremation services. If you need help deciding if it is time, consider filling out one of our Quality of Life Score Cards which you can find by clicking