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End of Life Services

24/7 Emergency and House Calls Available

Deciding to euthanize your companion animal may be one of the most difficult decisions you ever make. Often, well-loved pets are euthanized to minimize unnecessary suffering. The quality of animals’ lives are defined by their overall physical and mental well-being, not just one aspect of their lives. If you need help deciding if it is time, consider filling out one of our Quality of Life Score Cards or set up a consultation with our doctor.

Euthanasia Services

Whether in our Comfort Room, in your vehicle, or at your home; we strive to make the most difficult part of pet ownership as serene and painless as possible for you and your cherished loved one.

Cremation  Services

Cremation services are available and done locally, ensuring your pet is handled with the highest level of care. We offer private cremations that come with a complimentary wooden urn inscribed with your loved one's name. Group cremation services are also available.

We’ll give your pet the best possible care in a loving environment. Call us now!

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