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Large Animal Services

Available in the Clinic or at your Farm or Ranch

Cowboy and Wild Horses

Equine Services

From immunizations and blood tests to emergency services and basic surgical procedures, our clinic is fully equipped to help you and your horse. Our commitment to your horse's health and well being is why we strive to offer the best preventative medicine. No problem is too large for Elk Park Animal Hospital. Ask us how acupuncture can help your horse today! Click here for our Health Certificate for Travel Questionnaire.

Cattle at Sunrise

Livestock Services

Dr. Thompson's practical experience growing up on a registered Holstein-Fresian dairy farm in Northern New York led to the Excellence in Large Animal Medicine Award in his final year at Cornell University, as well as a high degree of comfort working with ranch livestock. Give us a call to see how we can help you in the clinic or at the ranch.

Mountains and Deer

Exotic Animal Services

From farmed deer and elk to your pet chickens call to see how Elk Park Animal Hospital can help your animal.

We’ll give your pet the best possible care in a loving environment. Call us now!

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