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How we can best help your pet


IDEXX In-House Diagnostics

Blood Analysis

Our in-house blood analyzers allow us to offer a wide variety of tests with results in as little as fifteen minutes. We can run CBC's, full chemistry panels, thyroid tests, SDMA, Parvo Virus tests and Heartworm tests all with results same day and no need for a reference lab! 


Our new automated urine analyzing system takes microscopic pictures of the patients urine and labels cells, bacteria and crystals within 5 minutes. This allows our doctors to choose the best treatment method for any incontinence or urinary issue.


Digital Radiography & Ultrasound

Digital Radiography

Did Fido eat his favorite toy? Our radiology equipment gives us the ability to take pictures and view them instantly. Need your AKC pups to have OFA radiographs? Not a problem. We send the results out same day. With our digital radiology equipment, we are even able to come to your ranch or farm and have results instantaneously!  No more waiting for treatments!


Our portable ultrasound equipment allows us to take a look inside your animal either here at the clinic or on the ranch. 


Surgical Laser

Surgical Laser

Providing one of the only surgical lasers in the southwest corner of Colorado, Elk Park Animal Hospital does all of our soft tissue surgery with the laser. The laser seals nerve endings as well as lymphatic tissue; meaning less swelling, less pain, less blood loss during surgery, and shorter recovering times post surgery! The laser is also used for shortening of extremely long toe nails, evaporation of small warts and lumps, etc. Call for more information.

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